China, India and Europe have been developing these large size porcelain tiles for many years.  Now they have emerged at the North American market and are very popular already.  Large format and style are the great features that open  new opportunities and designs.

Large Slim Porcelain Tiles can be applied almost anywhere.  Porcelain tiles are  frequently used for  kitchen backsplash and bathtub surround.  The biggest benefit is that they can also be used for bathroom, kitchen or fireplace with very few joints and much less grout.


71”x36” / 16”x32”


-6mm and 5.5mm thick 


  – Porcelain polished finish
  – Luxurious stone look

-Easy to clean with all-purpose cleaners


-Less grout joints to keep clean

  -Less grout joints to keep clean


-Withstands heat
-Scratch and chip resistant
-Stain resistant

-Can be installed over old ceramic tiles (with the right preparation)

-Low water absorption

-Long lifetime

-Colour does not change with the time

-Outperforms the ceramic tiles as it is lighter and thinner



Large Slim Porcelain Tile is made of clay and inorganic materials, developed by dry powder pressure molding and processed though 1200 degree high-temperature firing. Slim Porcelain Tiles prominently represent the up-to-date advanced technology. Compared with traditional tiles, thin porcelain tiles can save 65% of raw materials, lower 41% of energy-consumption and reduce 64% of carbon-dioxide emissions. It’s a new and really environmentally-friendly product.


Feature 1: Thin

The size of the Slim Porcelain Tiles is 71” x 36” and its thickness is 5.5-6mm which is less than half of the thickness of traditional tiles.

Thickness: 5.5-6mm

Feature 2: Size

Its water absorption reaches 0.04%, Rupture Modulus >=60MPa, Breakage Strength>=800N. Its properties far surpass traditional ceramics, stone and aluminum plastic board.

Large Size Porcelain tile has a water absorption rate of 0.5 percent or lower as defined by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) section C373.2 To test this, the fired tile is first weighed, then it is boiled for five hours and left to sit in water for 24 hours. Then it is weighed again. If the tile weighs less than half of one-percent more as a result of water-absorbing into its surface, it is considered porcelain.

To achieve this density, a special kaolin clay mixture is used, which is finer and purer than most ceramic clay. It usually contains notable levels of quartz and feldspar mixed in. Porcelain tiles are fired at temperatures ranging from 2,200 to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It means it is a dense, fine-grained, smooth tile that is more impervious to water than ordinary ceramic tile.

Large Size Porcelain tile virtually always receives a surface glazing treatment—a coating of liquified glass material—while some forms of ceramic tile are left unglazed. As a rule porcelain tile is more impervious than ceramic tile and is thus subject to less water infiltration.

Length: 71”

Width: 36”


Feature 3: Light

By reducing the consumption of raw materials per unit area of building, porcelain tiles consume less natural mineral resources and energy in production, lower the weight of the construction and decorative material while maintaining their functions and properties, and creates the better social and economic benefits.

Since it isn’t very thick and is lightweight the Slim large size porcelain tiles can be installed on old tiles (if the condition of the tile allows to do it).  It shortens the time taken to install, has no dust, dirt of demolition of old tiles.

   Sophisticated manufacturing technologies are used to create these beautiful large format thin porcelain tiles. The Slim porcelain tiles series is inspired by stones, marbles or metals to offer an outstanding product in several formats. The result is design and installation flexibility that is limited only by the imagination of architects and designers. It has already become one of their favorite materials.


Large Size Porcelain tiles clays are denser and thus less porous than ceramic clays. This makes porcelain tile harder and more impervious to moisture than ceramic tile. Due to its through-body composition, it is considered more durable and better suited for heavy usage than ceramic tile. Chip a porcelain tile, and the color continues all the way through; as a result, the damage is nearly invisible. Porcelain is an easy material to maintain, requiring only period sealing of the grout lines.


Large Size Porcelain tile is very easy to clean up by damp-mopping with a mild water-soap solution. The cementitious grout filling the joints between tiles needs to be periodically sealed to guard against stains and mildew.


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